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How to get your perfect start to the New Year .

The new year is here again and for some people, it spells anxiety. Mostly because we feel left out with all the  enthusiasm and vibes that suddenly appear out of the blue when we are so consumed with solving our own problems. And then there is the whole pandemic situation to deal with. You should not be scandalized to note that there are people out there with absolutely no plans or the budget for the whole ‘new year new me’ transformation, IF someone’s actually got the nerve to go through with that bull after the absolute train-wreck that was 2020.

But it won’t pay to be somber, especially at the start of this much awaited year. January is an opportunity to take stock of all the goodness you have been through last year and to get into that relax vibe and rewind mood. And let us make it crystal clear. ITS PERFECTLY OK TO STAY HOME. You can still have a good time with family and keep away from a Covid infection (or reinfection). The point being, to fill up with hope for the coming year and to forget 2020 ever happened.

Here’s a SaltSnap approved SET OF TIPS to make the most of your new year in 2021:

1. Clean-up your space – Its relieving!

Diwali is not the only time of year to clean your living space. Before you nod off with exasperation at the word ‘cleaning’, hear us out! This January, why not clean up your mental and emotional space along with your home and workspace?

It is a great way to de-clutter some of the baggage piled up. Take a dustpan and sweep up the debris of your broken dreams and shattered hopes for 2020. Just thinking about all the lost opportunities and forgiving yourself for them will begin to feel much better.

Besides, you will feel so much better about going over the junk in your home. It might take just 30 minutes, but we promise, you will have a better head space to think about relaxing and maybe throwing in some fun at the start of this year.

2. Give your mind a break from negative thoughts:

Are you feeling left out from everyone else this year? Do not worry, we can vouch for the fact that a lot of people have lost jobs, depleted their finances and are just not into the new year mood this year. So, you are not alone.

If you are feeling sulky this new year, do a nice make-up sesh on your mood. Call friends you have not spoken to in a while. Get with your family even if ahem.. ‘hate’ is a strong word.

3. Join in at local events in your vicinity:

So, what if you have not planned anything fun and festive this year? We are pretty sure there’s plenty of getaways and free events for you to join in.

Whether its at the mall (it can’t be bad) or at the waterfront in your vicinity, plenty of communities have free events planned. Find one near you and join in rather than being miserable at home, alone. Also, give yourself a little new year treat by travelling to one of those local, hidden-away, naturally abundant gems that almost every one country in the world has. A solo trip is recommended but if a solo trip is a bit much for your persona to handle, feel free to coax a friend to tag along.

4. Call it a night:

If all the excessive enthusiasm is bogging you down and all you want to do is stay home in your over-sized pajamas eating boxed noodles, then that is exactly what you should do!

You do not owe anyone, anything and neither are you obligated to pretend like you’re on your way to scale the everest. Do your thing, we are rooting for you!


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